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Organ Donors Rock!
- Over 100,000 people are waiting
  for replacement organs.
- Over 500 people die every month while
  waiting for a suitable replacement organ.
- By becoming an organ donor, you can save
  the lives of 7 people, and improve the lives
  of hundreds of others.
Remember Organ Donors Rock in your Will.

Organ Donors Rock! has moved to
Los Angeles:

Our Mission:
"With the help of our friends in the Music Business, Organ Donors Rock! encourages individuals to give the gift of life, by becoming registered organ donors.

Organ Donors Rock! also celebrates those individuals who have made the brave decision to become an organ donor."    
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for bank transfer information.
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Mission Statement
Dawn Marie King, Executive Director
 of Organ Donors Rock!
with Ivan De Prume
of White Zombie fame.
"Join me in giving the gift of life by registering to become an organ donor today".

            The Kings Of
           Caveman Nation
Aria Chablis King, Public Relations Assistant of Organ Donors Rock!,
with Eric Valentine of
The John Giavanni Band.
Aria Chablis King,
Public Relations Assistant for Organ Donors Rock!
meeting with the public
Bethany Caitlan Nicole,
Social Networking Assistant for Organ Donors Rock! resting between sets
at the Mack Theatre.
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Deen Castronovo of Journey with Executive Director,
Dawn Marie King and
Public Relations Assistant,
Aria Chablis King.
Public Relations Assistant,
Aria Chablis King introduces
Organ Donor Rock! to
Henry "The Fonz" Winkler!
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